Top 10 best iPhone starter apps in 2020 you must have

iPhone starter apps: I’m going to give you a Limo! There’s a small catch though. I’ll just provide you Limo and you’ll also have to sign a contract that you will not add anything to it. No luxuries at all! How will such a car be? Quite boring, right? In fact, it will be a sheer wastage of money. Now, just think about an iPhone without iPhone apps! It’s still awesome looking, awesome working but not that much fun. Right? In this post, I’ll tell you about 10 iPhone starter apps that you should download right away for your new phone.

List of Must Have iPhone starter apps

01. iBooks:

iBooks app allows you to read books on your iPhone and that too, stylishly. The small page flipping animations are great and reading a book is quite fun on the device. It’s available for free and there are a lot of free books available.

02. Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone will be a lifesaver if you ever lose your phone. Make sure that iCloud is turned on so that your phone can be tracked.

03. Angry Birds:

Angry Birds was the first popular game for iPhone and it is still considered as one of the best iPhone apps. In fact, it was the top app for quite some time. This small game is fun. You have to kill green pigs by using the unique powers of birds. This game has hours of gameplay. It costs 99 cents, though there’s a free version available too with the first 12 levels. Price: $0.99

04. Camera+

iPhone 4S already has a great camera thanks to the custom optics by Apple. Camera+ app extends it by adding several features. It is 16 different modes to capture the images and also allows you to separate exposure and focus. If iPhone’s default camera app is point and shoot, Camera+ turns it into a DSLR.

Price: $0.99

05. Evernote:

Though iPhone already has a good Notes app, it cannot sync the way Evernote can. With Evernote, you can note anything anytime. All your notes from your PC will be synced and your mobile notes will also go to your PC. Price: Free.

06. Battery:

The battery app is a very useful one. It shows detailed information about the time that the phone will take to charge and usage time available. Stats include talk time, standby time left, web browsing time on Wi-Fi, and 3G. The app can also notify you if the battery is fully charged.

07. Expensify:

Expensify is a great app to manage expenses. It can automatically pull reports for invoices under $75 and for cash transactions, scan the invoices to add to your expense reports.

08. Pulse:

Pulse is a great app for those who like reading news. It presents all your news in a stylish way and it is one of the apps in Apple’s App Hall of Fame.

09. Facebook:

Facebook app for iPhone lets you access the world’s most popular social network from your iPhone. The interface is quite good and you’ll enjoy it for sure.

10. Instagram:

Instagram allows you to share pics with friends instantly. What’s great about this app is that it lets you add some very nice effects to the pictures that you take.

These were 10 starter apps that you should install on your iPhone right away. Do comment if you have any other iPhone apps suggestions.

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