Infinity targets ‘entry-level’ users with High Point massage chair offerings

High Point Market is showcasing three Infinity massage chairs this spring. Its goal is to assist retailers in bringing in more customers and introducing them to a higher-end category of massage chairs. This model includes features usually found in higher-end models.

A rising disposable income level also contributes to consumer living standards. Massage chair sales have increased this year, creating more opportunities for the market.

Shiatsu massage is provided by the Prelude’s four-node travelling back mechanism, lumbar heat that provides muscle relaxation, a full-body scan, and shoulder airbags for gripping to assist stretching. Rollers in the soles massage the feet. The Prelude features a built-in remote and phone pocket, as well as full manual control. Priced at $2,999, it comes in brown or black.

The Aura features zero-gravity positions and a massage from neck to glutes, as well as four-node travelling back motions that deliver shiatsu techniques. Featuring lumbar heating, foot rollers provide foot reflexology massages and loosen up the lower back muscles. Aura also features Truefit Technology. The body scanner allows the massage to be customized for each client. It is priced at $3,999 and is available in three different colours.

In the Smart Chair X3, you will experience a 3D/4D deep tissue full-body massage that addresses every part of your body. An S-Track massage mechanism that allows for near-flat reclining, says the company, is ideal for decompression stretching. Black or brown, the Smart Chair X3 retails for $5,999.

In-stock models can be shipped within three to five days.

Supriyo Das

Supriyo Das

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