Zero gravity lift chair with heat and massage 2021 (5 best pick + review)

Looking for Zero gravity lift chair with heat and massage 2021. Bring home the recliner chairs, your new mate that has heat and massage functions and let yourself experience the new dimensions of relaxation and comfort. If you have a job where your body and mind take a beating, then, it is for you. These are wonderful for seniors too. Let the warmth and pulsing hands erase off all your anxieties and pain. Once you feel the pleasure in many aspects, you would wonder where these chairs were all the while. So, go ahead, read, analyse and select the chair of your choice.

Here, list of best Zero gravity lift chair with heat and massage 2021.

01. YITAHOME heavy duty Power Lift Recliner Chair with heat and massage

Forget the outdated relaxing style and bring home YITAHOME Recliner Chair which has comfort at your fingertips. Made of faux leather and waterproof material, the chair is easy to clean and bouncy with good foaming at the back and headrest. The ergonomic backrest design fits the body curve too. The chair features vibratory massaging with 5 vibration modes; pulse, press, wave, auto, normal which vibrates at 8 points targeting the back, lumbar, thighs and legs.

The lumbar heating function also works together to relieve back pain. Electric lifting as well as reclining add to the multi-functionality of the chair and let you adjust the inclination of the back at various angles from 45° to 160°. All these features could be enjoyed with the USB chargeable remote. Dual cup holders on the armrests hold drinks for you while relaxing and the front and side pockets store books etc. 

02. Yitahome Power Lift Recliner Chair with Side Pockets & Remote Control

The ultimate all rounder chair for everyone including the disabled and pregnant woman. The YITAHOME power lift chair comes with a wide seat and backrest made of durable soft and bouncy fabric with quality padding. Also, the overstuffed headrest can separately adjust to various angles. With pressing the button on the side, the recliner chair gets lifted or reclined to any desired inclination between 45° to 160°.

To maximize your comfort, a vibratory massaging system has been equipped where the chair vibrates at 8 points with 5 vibration modes at 3 different intensities. Thereby, relaxing the back, lumbar, thighs and legs. Waist heating also functions together. All these can done with the inclusive USB chargeable remote. Moreover, to support the body weight, the chair has a retractable footrest made of metal framing. Also, the 2.1A USB charging port on the side charges almost every smartphone. 

03. Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner Sofa with Heated Vibration Massage

Looking for a power lift chair for your house or office? Esright is the right choice. This chair has durable and sturdy steel framing with faux leather upholstered seat and backrest, padded with high density sponge for warm and soft feeling. Electric powered lift mechanism lifts you up safely and easily. With the infinite reclining positions, you can adjust the backrest to any angle up to 150° smoothly. Also, quietly with the TUV motor along with extending the retractable footrest which functions simultaneously.

Being multi-functional with optimal comfort, the chair features a 8-point massage system with 5 vibrating modes. Also, 2 level vibration intensity which massages neck, back, thigh and legs. The waist heating system also functions together for relieving anxiety and tiredness. A USB chargeable remote controls all these transitions. Dual cup holders and side pockets store your accessories and the USB outlet charges your phones, tablets etc.

04. Mcombo zero gravity lift chair with heat and massage

The  perfect combination of comfort, sturdiness and multi-functionality. This power lift recliner chair is made of metal framing and the extended backrest. Also, the deeper seat made of faux leather which are highly padded along with the headrest and armrests. With the counterbalanced lift mechanism powered by TUV certified motor, lifting or reclining the chair is very easy to any comfortable angle you wish along with the retractable footrest which lets you stretch the full body. 

The chair comes with a vibratory massaging feature which functions with 9 vibration modes and in 5 different intensities targeting the back, lumbar, thighs and legs. The lumbar heating function also works together to relieve back pain. All these functions can controll with a remote. Two side pockets and two cup holders make the chair more dynamic along with the USB charging port that charges almost all smartphones. 

05. Yitahome Power Lift Recliner Chair with Extended Footrest

The premium quality power lift recliner chair is here. The chair is crafted with breathable faux leather in the large seat and backrest which is soft and bouncy. Moreover, the armrests overstuff and the headrest super padd and can separately adjust to different angles for ultimate lounging experience. The power recliner easily reclines or lifts the chair to different positions from  45° to 160° to enhance your comfort in addition to the extended footrest made of strong metal framing to accommodate taller individuals.

Being multi-functional, the chair provides a vibratory massage feature with 5 massage modes and 2 intensity levels that massages the back, lumbar, thighs and legs. The lumbar heating function also works together to relieve back pain. A USB chargeable remote gives you access to all these features. The 4 side pockets help you keep your frequently used stuff handy. With the two cup holders and dual USB ports, you can store your drinks and charge your phones as well.


Hope, it was worth reading. Well, go to the store or get online, and make a purchase. Don’t worry about the price. The chairs would fit in anyone’s budget. Stop compromising on your needs and start enjoying your life in the way you like. Here, we conclude best zero gravity lift chair with heat and massage 2021.

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