5 best tools to edit a scanned document online free

Best tools to edit a scanned document online free: Worrying about how to edit the required changes to your printed document? Wait!! We have come up with the best solution with some tools that will help in editing the required changes.

Best Tools to edit the scanned documents

With the advancement of technology, OCR (optical character recognition) is the main keyword for editing scanned documents. Here, we will be listing the top five tools that are mostly famous irrespective of the reviews from the users.

01. Microsoft OneNote:

This tool comes along with the Office suite with the help of which you can easily edit the scanned document in a single click. If you have a hard copy of your document, just scan the document with your device scanner. Then insert the scanned file by the “scanner “option.  Then, right-click on the document to select the content from the scanned document. Finally, select “Keep source formatting” to paste the content that needs to be edited in Microsoft word. This Microsoft tool has been considered as the best option to edit scanned documents online free among the options stated here.  Comparing with other options, Microsoft OneNote has the best OCR technology for the best edit in the scanned documents online.

02. Wondershare PDFelement:

Apart from Microsoft OneNote, we also have Wondershare PDFelement, which helps you for the best edit scanned document online free. This tool uses a simple task in a lined way for the users to edit the scanned document in a fraction of a second. You just need to download and launch the Wondershare PDFelement and open the scanned document from there. Then, finally, perform OCR popping up on the screen for editing the scanned document easily. You can have the best edit in the scanned document at any place from your desired device in your desired language.

03. Abode Acrobat:

The third option which is enlisted in this article is the most renowned PDF tool namely Abode Acrobat. By using this tool, you can have a bucket of features that are required for required files in PDF,.text,.doc, and many more. The most amazing technology that Abode Acrobat uses is automatic OCR (optical character recognition) operation which helps the user to have the best edit in scanned documents or images in your desired way.

04. Nitro PDF editor:

After Abode Acrobat, the Nitro PDF editor has taken its place for PDF works for office or home. This editor is very easy to handle after performing the OCR function that is required mandatorily for the best edit in scanned documents or images. The additional features that come with add, edit as well as delete PDF bates numbering. But you need to care about the editing option for a large file which often occurs with OCR crashes.

05. ApowerPDF:

This tool mainly focuses on small-sized PDF files for edit. It also uses the best editing in scanned document technology namely OCR for the best response. With the help of this tool, you can easily convert the image or scanned document to PDF in a second in a convenient way.


At the end of the article, you have a list of best edit scanned document tools with vast knowledge about the best technology in the market with the editing option online.

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