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Speed dial widgets for android: Nowadays we are busy and have less time to do every task. Henceforth, sometimes it takes a specific time to place a call with the dialler of our phone which hampers our work process and makes us feel irritated. Speed dialler is the way to get rid of these problems arising nowadays. Let’s have a look at the best speed dialler widgets for android that is most useful in the persistent market.

Best speed dialler widget for Android

This article will give a brief idea about the top-speed dialler that is available for android. These apps will help you to get your contacts on your phone in a single click along with some added features like messaging, group call or chat, and many more.

01. Smart T9 Dialler:

The smart T9 dialler is the most promising speed dialler widget for android available in the Google Play store. Apart from calling your frequently contacted contacts, it also offers you to send WhatsApp messages, FaceTime calls, and video chat through this speed dialler app. With this best speed dialler widget for android, users can simply add their contacts to this app screen by tapping on it. If you are just clicking on any contact then you can simply place a call with a smart T9 dialler and with a long press on it, SMS will be done. Apart from these features, this app has a facility in reminding calls to be done which you need to activate from settings of the smart T9 dialler.

02. Speed dial Widgets Android:

Another app that can in your bucket list for the best speed dial widgets for android. This app has been made in terms of kids and elderly people for whom technology is a bit difficult. Through this widget, you can easily place a call with a single tap. This speed dialler widget also helps any user to redirect to WhatsApp messages, calls, Skype calls, messenger, Google Duo video calling, and many more. This app can be a second choice for any user with a requirement of the best speed dialler app or widget for android.

03. True caller: Speed dial widgets

It is the most renowned app available in the market nowadays. Everyone is using this popular speed dialler widget for their convenient use. You can dial your contacts by single tapping on the number. Truecaller also provides their chat through which you can easily chat with your contacts along with an option of video and image sending. You can even block the unwanted calls with an option to block for a specific tenure. You will get linked directly to WhatsApp of your contacts through this app.

04. GoDial-

This is a newly launched name GoDIal which is best known as a speed dial widgets for android that comes with a second home screen facility. After launching this app on your device, you need to choose your background. Through this widget, you can easily make some groups of contacts according to your need. Then you can simply place calls to that group or any contact of that group and can send or receive messages.

So here, we have stated an idea about the features of the best speed dialler widget for Android. For having an amazing experience with these apps, just download them from Play Store.

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