Best pdf reader and editor for windows 10

In the 21st century, we often used to convert any word document to PDF or edit a scanned document for office or any purpose. If we get any such toll where even the PDF file can be read and edit as well, it makes our job very easy. But there are very few tools on the internet that can do this work easily. We have a bucket of tools with the help of which we can easily read and edit PDF with a single click. In this article, we will discuss the best PDF reader and editor for Windows 10 along with their features so that you could do your individual work and office work very easily

Free and paid PDF reader and editor for windows 10

Here we are listing the top PDF editor and reader which can be used for Windows 10 in your system. Then for what we are waiting for, let,s start the tour!

01. Foxit Phantom PDF:

The first tool that comes to everyone’s mind for PDF files is Foxit Phantom PDF. With the help of this tool, you can easily read as well as edit the PDF you require. Besides editing and reding PDF, this tool helps you to split as well as merge PDFs, creating new PDF forms, instant sharing the PDF files, and lastly converting PDF to any other file format. As we know that for editing PDF, OCR technology is mandatory. In this tool, OCR works only with the option to edit PDF. This tool has three versions namely standard, business and education.

02. Abode pro: PDF Reader and Editor free download

In the second place, we can easily place Abode pro as the best tool as it can edit and read PDF. The most amazing technology that Abode pro uses is automatic OCR (optical character recognition) operation which helps the user to have the best edit in scanned documents in your desired way. This Abode software has pro-class features that help to go with any change required in your PDF file.  Among the users, it is a little bit costly to personal users but for business personnel, it is a perfect choice.

03. PDFelement:

Following the trend of stating the best of edit and read PDF tools, PDFelement is the most promising name that comes to everyone’s mind. If you need to edit PDF in a very linear and easy way, then just launch the software and then open the PDF from there. After that, we need to perform OCR which is popping on the device screen to edit the file in the desired language. It has a very friendly interface to use for you.

04. Nitro pro:

Likewise, the other PDF editor and reader tool available for Windows 10, Nitro Pro is the one that must be in your bucket of choice. When anyone searches for the best PDF reader and editor, then Nitro Pro is the one that is common in every list. It also can read, edit, split as well as merge PDFs in a very simple way. But you need to be careful about OCR crashes when any large file gets uploaded.


After a detailed study on the best PDF reader and editor for Windows 10, we have concluded the best 4 tools that many users are using for the concern. So, just grab the one for your required edit.

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