Best monitor mount for 34 inch ultrawide computer screen (Top 5 pick)

Looking for Best monitor mount for 34 inch ultrawide computer screen in 2021. Tired of watching your stock rates, graph or computer screen at a fixed angle? Put an end to all those outdated watching experiences and upgrade to the latest Monitor Mounts that are sold in the market. I have been testing these products for quite a time and the conclusion is the products reviewed below. These monitor mounts are configured in a way that they can adapt to your taste and of course to the passing time. Keeping in mind the budget, these products are way ahead of their contemporaries. Go ahead and select from one of your choices. 

Here, is the list of Best monitor mount for 34 inch ultrawide computer screen

01. Huanuo monitor mount stand 34 inch ultrawide

If you think that your existing monitor mount can’t hold your big screen. Then, bring home the HUANUO monitor stand whose larger arm. Also, base securely fit 22 to 35 inch screens weighing 6.6 to 26.4 lbs with vesa 75x75mm and 100x100mm. Even more, the height adjustment system allows fixing the monitor with the help of a screw at a proper height, preventing back and neck strain. The stand is very dynamic as the full motion articulating arm is separately adjustable for different motions such as swiveling the monitor from -90 ° to +90°. Also, tilting from -90° to +90° and also rotating by 360°. Thus, enabling you to get an optimum view angle and position. You can easily install the monitor stand with the C-clamp or through grommet mounting and can organize the screen cables easily. 

02. Ergear premium monitor mount stand 22-35 inch

The ultimate 22”-35” screen compatible mount is here. Its strong heavy-duty arm can securely hold monitors weighing up to 26.5lbs with VESA mounting holes. With super extension, the arm can be extended upto 25.6” to the front which is perfect for deep desks. In order to maximize your comfort, reduce your stress and make your viewing angle perfect the monitor mount lifts your screen in the air allowing easy height adjustment, tilt from +85° to -30°and ±90° side-to-side swivel and also rotating by 360°.  Thus, all these vertical and horizontal monitor shifts allow you to improve work efficiency. Side Clamp Base & Grommet Mounting  are two options available to install the mount stand.

03. Avlt monitor arm 13 -34 inch

Organizing the 34” ultrawide monitors is now a breeze for the AVLT mount stand. Its high-quality heavy-duty stand is durable enough to prevent sagging. Also, hold your monitor securely with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes. The extended monitor arm for deep desktops is capable of 360 degree rotation and to give you neat and clean large workspace. Moreover, the arm design to lift the monitor and the gas-spring assisted height adjustment allows you to elevate the monitor perfectly. Furthermore, avoid strain while working. Moreover, the detachable VESA plate lets you hook the monitor easily onto the arms along with ±90° tilt, 180° swivel and 360° rotation for extra flexibility. The C-clamp and Grommet mounting are the two ways of installing the mount stand. Plus, the integrated cable management conceals your messy cables out of sight. 

04. Huanuo monitor wall mount- can hold up to 35 Inch

  Huanuo has come up with the universal flexible VESA mount whose sturdy and large metal based arm can securely hold 34” ultrawide monitors weighing up to 26.4lbs with VESA 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, 200×200. It ergonomic design to raise the monitor to an optimal viewing height. Also, reducing the back and shoulder strain along with providing you with large space on the desk making your workstation spacious. The full motion articulating monitor arm allows you to tilt the monitor from +85° to -55°.

Plus, swivel from -90° to +90° , and rotate by 360° smoothly with the help of built-in gas spring to work in a comfortable posture. Assembling the mount starts with installing the mount on the wall, then attaching the monitor onto the arm followed by adjusting to proper tension. The hidden cable clips organize your messy wires in  a very tidy manner.

05. ErGear Single arm for 13-39 Inches ultrawide Monitor

This aircraft-grade sturdy and durable Aluminium mount can hold up to 26.4 lbs heavy 34” ultrawide monitors with VESA 75X75 mm and 100X100 mm. The built-in gas spring powered articulating arm provides smoother. It comes with durable full motion adjustments such as tilting the monitor from -45° to +45°. Also, swiveling from -90° to +90° and rotating by 360°. In order to get rid of strain during long working hours, there is a height adjustment where you can lift the monitor to an ideal viewing height and can also free up the space on your desktop. Assembling the mount is easy with the quick attach or detach VESA Connector and the upgraded Double Clamp Design with an expanded locking system and enlarged metal base provide more stability support through C-clamp installation or grommet mounting. The hidden cable management organizes your wires and keeps your desk tidy.


Well, I hope that the monitor mounts could attract your attention and make its way straight to your place and why not. They have all the aspects required to be in your count and provide you with a healthy viewing and working environment. So, take our recommendation, get in the store and buy one. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint you. Here, we conclude best monitor mount for 34 inch ultrawide computer screen.

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