Top 5 best floor standing speakers for home theater for movies in 2021

Life without music is very weird in the same way as the monsoon without rain. Good music can bring peace to your mind and body. You might get surprised to know that music itself acts as a therapy, recommended by doctors. So, to help you with that and make you explore the new dimensions of music with all your senses. I have brought to you the floor standing speakers for home theater that we have tested in recent times. No matter how many bucks your pocket holds, there is always something to feed your hunger. Go ahead, read out all the product details and select the speaker you like the most. Yes, you can trust my commitment.  

Here is the list of top 5 best best floor standing speakers for home theater in 2021.

01. Polk Audio 5.1 Channel Floor Standing Speakers with Powered Subwoofer & Denon AVR-S650H Receiver

Hold your breath and get ready to experience a superior home theatre experience with immersive sound. Also, high buzz with these cool floor standing home theatre speakers. Its complete package includes a 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Powered Subwoofer & Denon AVR-S650H Receiver,. Plus, two T15 Bookshelf, one T30 Center Channel, two T50 Tower Speakers, PSW10 Sub. The two bass radiators augment the main woofer to produce a well-balanced.

Beside, natural warm sound that not only amplifies your movies and all but also reaches the crack and cranny of the room. In addition to that, you get the new 5.2 channel stereo receiver along with the wireless speakers to let you expand the music over to the adjacent rooms. In-built with ALEXA and much more. So, it’s time to enjoy premium acoustics, high quality construction and a realistic theater experience right at home.

02. VELOIC Floor Speakers for Home Stereo System for movies

The VELOIC floor standing speakers are a complete solution for a  rhythmic, punchy sound with heavy bass set-up, and a design stylish enough to match your room. The 2.1 sound system with real 180W powered subwoofer delivers smooth high-frequency room filling sound with deep bass along with its tower speakers whose impedance rating is 6 Ohms and frequency response is 38 Hz to 24000 Hz.

Moreover  the VENLOIC motor optimization has distortion-reducing patented Dynamic Balance technology that assures the 2.1 floor standing speakers sound phenomenal at any volume. It supports USB port, SD card slot for your ease of playing music. An additional feature would be the mobile charging through that USB port.

03. Sony SS-CS3 3-Way tower speaker

Get ready to lose track of your being with the amazing speaker series capable of delivering a genuine audio experience. It lets you honour the energy and passion of the artist’s musical creation, being in harmony with your existing living spaces without any special set-up. It has High-Resolution Audio that grants you a near-perfect ambience of the artist’s mindset.

Equipped with Mica Reinforced Cellular cones that do not deteriorate over time. You can drive the bass harder without compromising audio quality. Moreover you get super tweeters and high-precision tweeters to feel the authentic sound throughout your room. With slightly tapered faceplate edges, edge diffraction gets suppressed for a clear and natural soundstage. The speaker has 5.12 in woofer for deep, stable bass.

04. Yamaha Audio NS-F150 Tower Speaker for Home Theatre

The more we say, the less it would be. The floor standing speaker, designed in beautiful piano black colour, evokes the musical instrument heritage of YAMAHA. This elegant, high range speaker is ideal for high-definition movies and music, with its classic cabinet that houses a 2-way, 3-speaker configuration which delivers natural sound with powerful bass.

Providing outstanding reproduction of HD movies and music sources for NS-F150 is a breeze as it is designed in that very way, along with the extra-large, gold-plated screw-type terminals that ensure maximum signal transmission efficiency. Another distinguishing factor is the support spikes and stand which give it a distinctive appearance worthy of a high-fi speaker.

05. JBL Stage A170 Floor-Standing Speaker for Home Theatre

The JBL is an advanced, home-stereo system that has the capability to amaze you with the thrill of a live-concert experience, in your living room only. It features 1” aluminum dome tweeters with HD waveguide sound design that delivers crispy, yet balanced high frequency sound. In addition with the 8” woofers that register heavy, signature bass that is deep and solid as well.

The JBL Stage captures every note of the audio spectrum from low to high range and transforms them into pure listening pleasure. The classic JBL speaker is available in two variants; black and two-tone wood. Whether it’s for movies or music, the sound of your JBL stage will always be welcoming you to that world of music which you have never experienced so far. So, grab this cool floor standing speakers and grace your house with its beauty. 

Bottom line

Manufactured with some outstanding features, configurations and precision, these sleek, modern and hi-fi Floor Standing Speakers are worthy of a kind. These are capable of withstanding wear and tear and are obliged to last long. Music has been that resource, which is getting faded day by day. So, it is the need of ours to take the responsibility of holding its heritage, as much as possible.

Music is an art and good music is a virtue. In today’s date, you will find countless music devices being sold in the market, but the products that I have picked up are the ones that can relate to the sentiment and taste of the music lovers around the world. These speakers with phenomenal sound can surely make you go down the memory lane and long for reliving those wonderful moments. Thus, splash out a little of your earnings on these speakers and enjoy the moment. This is all about best floor standing speakers for home theater of 2021.

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