Best Convert pdf to word editable text online free as of 2021

If you are a student or a professional, you always need a tool that can convert pdf to word editable text. But there are many such tools online which promise that you will get the editable text but after uploading a PDF file you do not get exactly what you wanted. After a lot of scrutinies, we have listed some such websites which allow you to download PDF document in the form of editable text. Moreover, the editable text enables you to rectify the changes that are required in PDF easily through word. So, in the hunt for the best convert PDF to word editable text online free, this article will help you with the best options that are available in the market for all users.

Best websites and software to convert PDF to word editable text

Here, we will be listing the top tools which help you to convert PDF to word easily with a single click online. Among the listed options, get your one and enjoy your work!

01. Smallpdf website – convert PDF to editable text free

The website comes first on our list because it is free and works very fast. On this website, you can convert any Convert pdf to word editable text online free without losing formatting very easily, all you have to do is upload whatever PDF file from your PC or phone to this website, in just a few seconds your PDF document will be converted to editable text. Now, download the file. With the help of any text editor, you will be able to edit the file. If you want to convert a very large PDF file to Word, then you can take their Pro Membership. And the biggest thing is that their Pro Membership comes in a 7-day trial. You can use it 7 days before purchasing the membership and see if it looks good, then goes for their membership.

02. – Convert pdf to word editable text online free

You might have liked our first website but our 2nd is nothing less than from Smallpdf .com. On this website, you can convert any Convert pdf to word editable text online for free, there is only one click is needed. You just have to upload the PDF file and it will be converted to editable text. And you can download the file for free too and it has other great features like you can send the file directly to Dropbox and Google drive. And if you can download the file on the phone, after clicking on the link, you will see a bar code, you just have to scan that barcode and now you are ready to download the file on your phone.


The pdftoword website is also very good that converts PDF to Word editable text for free online. This website offers a unique way to download a file. website doesn’t allow you to download the file directly to your PC instead they send the file to your provided email ID. Let’s see how exactly they do, for conversion they ask you for your email ID, after successful conversion they send the word file to your email id. Now, download the file and enjoy.  

I hope you liked our above-mentioned website, we have also added some software for your Windows 10 PC that can edit your PDF file some are free and paid. Let’s dive into the below list.

04. Acrobat DC

This is the most promising tool for the conversion from scanned PDF to word among the users in the past few years. With this amazing tool, you can simply copy the content from the PDF to Doc or Docx format for edit in simple few clicks. With this Acrobat DC, you can simply edit any type of file from anywhere at your convenient time. You need to just open the PDF file with Acrobat DC and export the file to Word format. Finally, after completing the export process, you can save the file on your device for future reference. For the best convert PDF to word editable text, Acrobat DC is the best option for all users.


This website helps you to convert your PDF to word and you can edit your required content there in simple steps. Firstly, choose the PDF file you want to convert from your device. Then the technology that helps to convert the same will start running for extracting the text or images from the PDF file. Finally, the conversion is completed with an option to save the word file on your device. This tool has the amazing feature of removing the file from the server to keep your data safe. For any online tool to convert PDF to any format and vice-versa, this tool is available for free.


The third choice is where you can convert the PDF file to Doc or Docx format online without installing the tool on your device. This saves storage in your device as well as it takes less time to convert the format in simple few steps. On visiting the site, you will see an option to choose the file to convert. Then click on “start” followed by the option to choose the file format to which you want to convert following the option of OCR. Lastly, click on “start” to initiate the conversion process.

07. Nitro PDF editor

Nitro PDF editor is also one of the best options for users who want all the features in one bucket. This editor is very easy to use followed by performing the OCR function for the best convert PDF to word editable text. It comes with an option to delete PDF bates numbering. The users must be careful for large documents to convert to word because they can get crashed sometimes.


This article is mainly focused on the tools that we can use for the best convert PDF to word editable text online in few steps. This brief idea about the tools will help to find the best option in your near future.

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