Best affordable Plastic reclining garden chairs with footrest in UK 2021

Do you cherish the idea of relaxing under the open sky or simply lying onto something releasing all your stress out, then, plastic reclining garden chairs with footrest is the perfect solution, keeping style as the primary consideration . This piece of furniture is easily transportable, foldable and can be placed anywhere according to your taste, to get you the desired ambience. Although some seasons are ideal to hang outside and enjoy. Also, you can still go out with your garden recliner chair to spend your breathing space nicely. Well there are a variety of Reclining Chairs sold out in the market. Here, I have listed out top 5 Plastic reclining garden chairs with footrest with reasonable prices for your garden or patio. So, go ahead, roll your eyes over the reviewed products and select the chair of your choice. 

01. ADHW Garden Sun Lounger: 

With an adjustable mechanism of six different reclining positions, this plastic recliner chair offers super flexibility with an inbuilt security box and a holder for food, drinks etc. These chairs are built from tough injected polypropylene with additional UV Protection, making them perfectly suited to the changing seasons. The dimensions are 188 X 63 X 47 cm. Moreover, it has optional wheels under the back legs for ease of movement, and the fully-stackable design makes it easier to store easily in compact spaces and you get it in a wide variety of colors suitable not just for garden, balcony and pool, but is also ideal for camping and vacations. So, enjoy a nap during hot summer, or a sun bath on the beach, swing pool or anywhere else.

  • Injected polypropylene that treats with additional UV Protection.
  • It offers five reclining positions.
  • Wheels under the back legs for easy movement.
  • Doesn’t have warranty.

02. XUEQAN Plastic Garden Sun Loungers: 

This comfortable, elegant Recliner Chair is all you need to poise your garden, pool or other outdoor living spaces. It is made of durable, weather resistant, maintenance-free plastic, ideal for the regular wear and tear. 96 X 116 X 32 cm are the dimensions. In addition, it has an adjustable backrest and five reclining positions having angle 90-160 degrees with strip vents on the back of the chair, cool and breathable. The recliner has multiple ribs on the back, which makes the chair stronger, straightened and resistant to impact. Easily foldable and equipped with rollers for easy movement, saving time and effort. 

  • Weight capacity 200 KG.
  • It is built with durable, weather resistant and maintenance free plastic.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Doesn’t come with holder.

03. CASART Plastic Reclining Garden Chair:

Want to look rich with a budget friendly yet comfortable chair, then CASART Recliner Chair is your absolute need. Designed ergonomically to fit your body curves in 5 different lounging positions with high-back adjustment, so as to fix the height of the back as you like, in addition to an armrest. It has the dimensions 186 X 76 X 56 cm. Framed in polypropylene, the built material is weather resistant and durable enough to withstand rain and wind for year-round use. Its construction is sturdy and can well stand for both the test of time and high temperature. Movement is easy with two wheels and close-packed folding is possible. Hence, this easily transportable recliner chair is perfect for a nap, relaxing and relieving your pressure.

  • It comes with weather resistance material.
  • It has five adjustable positions.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Very light weight only 12 KG
  • Only 150kg weight capacity.

04. YEER Plastic Reclining Garden Chair:

The YEER recliner chair is the ultimate result when elegance gets combined with sturdiness. The premium built material is absolutely tough, with injected polypropylene ready to withstand wear and tear. This chair is furnished with three reclining positions that offer an enormous amount of flexibility while bearing the weight. Moreover, the wheels attached to it at the base of the back legs provide easy movement and transportation. It has the dimensions 183 X 63 X 49 cm. A perfect furniture that can be used to spend your free time with family and friends with some tasty snacks and wine. Whether a garden or a swimming pool, it is always wise to take this stylish, cozy recliner chair along with. Do not worry about the storage, as it is very convenient to pack it in its compact form.  

  • It offers three reclining positions.
  • Wheels on back for easy movement.
  • Built with durable material.
  • Don’t have warranty.

05. TUHFG Recliner Folding Deck Chair Plastic:

Both stylish and portable, this Reclining Garden Chair is the ideal way to soak up your    summer when the weather gets warmer. The mind blowing fact is the ‘ zero gravity’, where you can recline your chair to a nearly flat position, as a result the blood circulation gets improved by shifting the weight to the whole chair, and you are completely relaxed. This position will reduce the back pain due to the long duration of sitting down.

The material used is plastic with dimensions 174 X 46 cm. Also, designed in such a manner that it lasts for outdoor use. The mash material allows air-flow so that you remain dry while catching the sun. Moreover, the easy to wipe down fabric is stretched rigidly around the robust but lightweight steel frame, long lasting, rustproof and maintenance free. The chair is easily foldable and can be stored in reduced space arrangements. Last but not the least, transporting the furniture is very easy, such as in the boot of a car or taking on camping adventures. suitable for patios and gardens.

  • Easy to fold.
  • Very light weight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Weight capacity 120 KG

Bottom line:

These few reviewed Plastic reclining garden chairs with footrest are worthy of a kind. These are compact, light-weight and rigid at the same time. Out of many sold out products, these are the best of the best cozy stylish comfort furniture that you can ever imagine, that will also provide you good value for money. Apart from being fashionable and intelligent, it is absolutely affordable for people of  every class. Whether it is a beach party or any indoor occasion, or about simply relaxing in the garden wondering about the beautiful creations of the God, this Reclining Chair has definitely made its way to be there and provide you with the ultimate joy and luxury during your leisure. So, if you want to take home one such chair, then please select one from our reviewed Reclining Chair. 

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